Lirik lagu Licor Budah
Ouça o som da minha voz, eu só preciso de nós Seus olhos voltados pra mim, ouvindo você suspirar Dizer que essa noite a sós Não vai deixar pra depois A porta vou manter aberta E quando quiser voltar Me liga, me abraça.. Read »


Lirik lagu Balazul Teto
Yo, Lock Ferno spazzin′ on this muh'fucka Damn!(Sheesh) Oh shit, yeah Oh shit, yeah Oh shit, yeah Oh shit, yeah Subindo esse level eu vou (nesse level eu vou) Com droga na bag eu vou, yeah (com droga na bag eu vou) Se tu .. Read »

Kaleb Mitchell,

Lirik lagu Get Right To It Kaleb Mitchell
Get right to it, I′ma get right to it Y'all keep talking, I′ma just do it Moving in silence, watch how do thisGet right to it, I'ma get right to it Yeah, yeah Get right to it, I'ma get right to it Y′all keep talking, I�.. Read »

Kaleb Hernandez,

Lirik lagu Inner Peace Kaleb Hernandez
Can′t compare me to nobody I'm my own person I get lost in my head cause I been soul searching Tired of looking in the mirror thinking I need drugsTired of pushing past my limits end up gettin fu**ed Shoutout downer from th.. Read »


Lirik lagu Listen One Ok Rock
You always call me full of regret You want me to save you again After all these years, the days go by I′ve seen you fall a million times Everybody makes mistakes It feels so hard to watch you hurt From the pain a lesson le.. Read »

Luísa Sonza,

Lirik lagu Chico Luísa Sonza
Folia pra mim, me arriscar no amor Apostar na incerteza, pular de onde for De novo, meu amor Diziam pra mim que essa moda passou Que monogamia é papo de doido Mas pra mim é uma honra ser uma cafona Pra esse povo Me pinto p.. Read »


Lirik lagu Money Come Iggy Azalea
Bounce, come on, bounce (huh) Bounce, come on, bounce (huh) Bounce, come on, bounce (huh)Bounce, come on, bounce (huh) Have you ever seen five bad bitches at your door? All black masks like a fuckin′ luchador Bitch, I'm st.. Read »


Lirik lagu Butterflies Jaytekz
Tell me you want me Tell me you miss me Baby you know that I want youI′m reminiscing Memories keep me up all night Tossing and turning Still wishing that you were all mine Your love I am yearning Baby I beg don't let go of.. Read »