Lirik Lagu Leave Wit Me Chingy Feat. R Kelly

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[Chorus: (R Kelly)]
Baby Dont Chu Wanna Leave This V.I.P And Finish Off This Party In My Hotel Suite
Gurl Juss Follow Me Because I Got Room Keys Sex, Red Bull, Velvi We Be Like Da...[15x's]

[Verse 1 (Chingy)]
I Pulled On Tha Lot And Then I Fell Up In Tha Spot St. Louis Hat Cocked Tryna
Find Somethin Hot Drink In My Hand Hundreds In My Pocket I Dont Cerre (care) If He Ya Man
Undastand Im Yo Profit Its 3:39 We Should Leave By 3 We Can Stroll Around Or Go Get Somethin Ta
Eat Outside I Gotta Fly Drop U Hungry Round Ya Gurls Up And We All Can Go To IHOP U Prolly Think
Im Tryna Cut Maybe Ya Right You Dont Do One Night Stands Well Baby Tonight I Gotta Presidential
Suite At Tha Ritz Errthang Wit Me Aint That A Shhh...


[Verse 2 (Chingy)]
U Actin Like Ya Dont Hear Me Come Hear Me Quit Fakin And Take A Puff Of Dis Green
From Jamaica Juss Bought A New Yacht Wit 4 Rooms And A Bar No Yo Not That Use To Bein Around A
Hood Star But Papa Told Me Good Gurls Always Go Bad So If I Touch Ir Right Thurr Aint No Need To
Get Mad I Could Take U From Tha Crib To Paradise Most Of My Chicks I Like Me Thick Plus Naughty
And Nice Tha Way U Sweep Me Off My Feet U Should Be A Broom Tha Way Ya Smell Ya Should Have Ur
Own Perfume So Knock Knock Whos Thurr Jackpot Tha Pimp ?? Do It Tickle When I Lick
Ya Neck Better Get Chu Wet Lookin At Cho Sexy Ass Make Wanna Write A Check


[Bridge (R Kelly)]
Now Hold On Tha Way U Pit It On Me Now Hol Don I Luv Tha Way U Shake It Now Hold
On U Drop It Then U Pick It Up Now Hold On Gurl U Got Me Sayin Wut Tha

Download aplikasi lirik lagu terlengkap Disini (Android)

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